Avengers Infinity War


This is without a doubt the most overcrowded superhero movie in a long time and surprisingly there is no stepping on toes moment on anyone.

The 19th movie from the marvel cinematic universe (MCU) has got it all that is expected and more. Director Brothers Anthony and Joe Russo have delivered to the best of their abilities with tight script and fluid screenplay. With crisp editing, the run time is 2 Hrs and 29 min and there is not one slack moment.

With the stellar cast and so much going on at each front, but surprisingly, even if you are not a marvel fan and have not closely followed the development of each character still the movie will make sense to you and it’s a treat for the marvel fans. There is a brief explanation about infinity stones and its powers as well.

The best part is Josh Brolin as Thanos. There is an emotional touch, a twisted logic to his actions; he is not the cold villain that you expect him to be. In fact, there is a point where you almost sympathize with him. The script is balanced to the point that there is a fair doze of comic dialogues, mind blowing action sequences and of course quite a lot of darkness. The pace is set in the opening scene itself and sort of lays down what to expect.

Steve Rogers looks dashingly rugged with his beard and yes, star Lord has put on weight. Tony stark is at his sarcastic best and Peter Parker compliments to the cast quite well. Peter Dinklage gets a brief role as Eitri, a galactic-weapons-smith and finally gets his dream of being the tallest person in the room for a brief moment.

In conclusion – it’s a delightful satisfying movie for Marvel Fans and a Hollywood masala movie for everyone else which cost a whopping 300 million US Dollars to make.

Let the theories and speculations begin! (Part-II releasing on May 3, 2019)