Thaana Serndha Koottam


Thaana Serndha Koottam is supposedly the Tamil adaptation of the 2013 Hindi Film Special 26 with a few changes and additional side spice adding stories. Suriya plays Inyan who is the center of the story and is a typical commercial hero who can dance, fight, romance, deliver punch dialogs and even pull off comic sequences with ease. Keerthi Suresh has virtually no part to play except in a couple of comic scenes and dance in more than a few plot-interrupting songs.

The cast includes comic stalwart veterans like Thambi Ramayya, Senthil, yogi babu, Satyan, RJ Balaji who have very little scope to even fully form their character but the most tragic waste is Brahmanadam who is given a screen space of about 30 seconds. Everything is rushed and easily out of focus as if everyone including the script is working in their spare time to accommodate some other main project. Special mention of the veteran actor Karthik who plays an eccentric yet brilliant investigative officer. He plays his role with surprising vigor and dawns the character to a T.

Lets take a moment here for Suriya. Suriya has time and again set high expectations over the years with Nandha, Kaakha Kaakha, Pitamaghan, Gajini and a few others but last couple of years things are not really working out or him with the commercial hero approach, ok…he tried and kudos for that but as intelligent viewers we are unable to take in another 24 or Mass or Singham even. We demand the mind-blowing actor that Suriya actually is to be back – in the remake direction if necessary.

Vignesh Shivan has directed and also scripted the movie. Previously he has given us hits like VIP and Naanum rowdydhaan. The entire experience is 2 Hr and 18 min and editing is non-existent by Sreekar Prasad, there are so many slack moments that it could have been easily wrapped up under 2 hours.

The background score is off track, interrupting and sometimes even irritating. The dialogs sometime even are hard to hear because of the disturbing eeriness. Anirudh Ravichandran is clearly distracted and/or disinterested and the songs and too long and meaningless to the narrative.

In conclusion – Watch Special 26 instead. With subtitles if language is a barrier.


Vikram Vedha


Vikram and Vedha have represented the right vs wrong, the just vs corrupt in the form of stories of King Vikramadityan and the demon Betaal or Vethalam from our childhood.

The plot follows Vikram – a headstrong, self-righteous cop who sees good and bad as clearly as day and night or so he believes. On the other side is Vedha – a dreamer, driven by situations and angered by the constant fight for dominance in his own world. Priya is the attorney wife and Chandra is a hard talk but good at heart tough lass. The character painting is an extremely complex art which the writer-director duo – Pushkar-Gayathri excels at, just like in ‘oram po’

Madhavan is back with his amazing screen presence and a glimpse of ‘ayitha Ezhuthu’ and maybe a bit of ‘irudhi Suttru’ but the show stealer is definitely vijay Sethupathi. His thoughtful demeaner, the poriki slang and the menacing beard is just perfect. Shraddha Srinath is exceptionally spicy and takes the lawyer-attorney privilege a bit too seriously. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar is praiseworthy in her short and meaningful role.

Although the entire movie is 2 Hours and 27 minutes but the story is very engrossing and the editing is air-tight. The screenplay is very well crafted, P.S Vinod is brilliant in his cinematography and finally Nassar is a smart choice as a narrator. Overall fantastic edge of the seat thriller.

Verdict – ‘saar, oru kadhai sollatuma saar?’ (saar, can I tell you a story saar)




People who are tired of seeing Ilayathalapathy doing the same role with the same look of 3-day old stubble plz give me a cheer. That was the LOUDEST cheer I have heard in a while, thank you.

There is absolutely nothing new or unexpected in Vijay’s 60th movie. So, in this movie the hero Bairavaa is a loan collector. yes, that is apparently a job which requires him to wear tie to office. The damsel in distress is played by Keerthy Suresh who otherwise has nothing to do than look defiantly a few times, cry a little and of course dance in four songs.

Talking of the songs except the title song ’Varlaam Varlaam Vaa’ every other song is like a irritant sticking out from the entire narration and looks forced. Soul touching lyrics from Vairamuthu has been complete wasted. The background sound effects is very prominently noticed, hence they are not so much background I guess. There is however a song which is shot in the beautiful valleys of Switzerland, which tempts you to plan a vacation there.

The screenplay is really bad, the 1st half sort of keeps the audience a bit interested in the story but after the interval the movie falls with the velocity of Niagra Falls. The direction is pointless and editing is pathetic. Other than the lead pair the other characters have no depth and Jagapati Babu playing the villain is not scary at all, in fact he gives the impression of a soft grandfather who is surrounded with not so witty goons.

In conclusion, it has everything you can expect in a vijay movie – over the top action, half baked comedy, expected flashbacks, too much repeated punch dialogs, insignificant side actors and of course long preaching dialogs from Vijay which everyone hears with rapt attention…Yawn…..

Verdict –  Varlaam Vaarlam Vaa Bairavaa……. Can go back in the same route plz.