AR Murugdoss is the same guy who gave us ‘Gajini’ right? Murugadoss movies are character centric the original Gajini was played in Tamil by Surya and Aamir in Hindi, both these actors are exceptionally talented to fit the shoes of the characters to the ‘T’. Akira on the other hand is the remake of the 2011 movie ‘mouna guru’ except that the protagonist was male in the tamil version and in Akira it’s female.

The casting is very appropriate to the point that except the noteworthy characters everyone else leave your mind the moment they leave the screen. When they reappear, the audience is like – who is this again? Oh ya…. The brother, ok ok. Konkana, Atul Kulkarni, Amit Saad could have been given a longer screen presence.

Akira is a headstrong girl who does not tolerate injustice in the city of Rajkot. Scene changes to Mumbai after few years. Akira tames the college bully in a jiffy (as expected) and seeks justice for her professor. She gets tangled midst of a corrupt illegal money heist and makes life very difficult for ACP Rane (Excellent debut by Anurag Kashyap). She kicks butt all the way delivering very convincing kicks and punches dressed in her flowery waistcoat & nagra shoes.

Konkana plays the cop who is extremely pregnant and extremely honest both of which is disadvantage for her presently, yet she wades through the systematic enquiry and lands up with the correct sequence of events which the audience have by this time already forgotten some induced chemical-locha injections ago. Saved by transgender Rani (brilliant acting by Kajol Saroj) she embarks on a mission of revenge.

The storyline could have been a bit more convincing. This is a kind of movie where screenplay would have worked wonders and goes without saying casting selection is pathetic.

Verdict – Action movie with a woman as a protagonist – watch Mardaani instead.

Baar Baar Dekho


The first things that one notices within 10 minutes into the movie and also the trailer – where are Siddharth Malhotra’s abs? and then there are those thick rimmed spectacles that Katrina wears to portray the girl next door character.

It really takes a lot of imaginative efforts from the audience to picture Sidharth as a serious workaholic mathematician, but the good news is finally we have Katrina’s British accent justified on screen, yay!

Jai & Diya (Sidharth & Katrina) are thick from very childhood and graduates to being in love till finally Diya decides to propose marriage. Jai is unable to come up with strong reason not to and so his entire world falls apart as both families come together to celebrate the big fat Punjabi wedding. He does what every lead actor becomes in the hands of debut directors, clueless!

The second half of the movie is back and forth time travel through various exotic sets and impressive graphics till audience is left with only one question – when will he return back to the present day and make everything as before. The melodies from Arijit singh are really notable. No wait… the singers are Armaan Malik, Bilaal saeed, ArkoPravo. Oh no…. there is no Arijit singh as well ? Sau aasmaan, Nachne de saare & of course Kaala Chashma are the best moments of the movie.

In conclusion the various sequences of the movie are “inspired” from – up (the beginning), minority report (the future sequences), Hasee toh phansee (expression of Siddharth in the entire movie) and click starring adam sandler (story line is almost same, except a remote is replaced with a dhaaga? really?)

Decent screenplay, good damage control by the supporting actors. Special mention Ram Kapoor, Rajit Kapoor and Saarika. Strict editing and few facial expressions from the lead pair could have turned the tables maybe.

This movie has its uses of course. Guys show it to your Girlfriends who wants to take the next step and you don’t. Subordinates show it to your boss to show what work life balance is all about, couples planning their holidays skim through the songs to figure out the best choice of destination.

Arrright then, lets address the elephant in the room. Katrina’s wash board abs are absolutely drool worthy and the efforts taken by her has to be appreciated and very appropriately utilized in all possible moments. (there, I said it, happy?)

Verdict – One time watch – ek baar dekho 🙂