Bahubali – the Conclusion

Jai Maheshwati!


The first thing that one has talk about this 2 Hrs 47 min feature film is the visual spectacle it showcases. The sets are so spell bounding that Sanjay leela Bhansali should enrol for a crash course with SS Rajamouli. The dancer movements, battle formations and even the daily court sessions are so perfectly in synchronization that the person with the highest OCD like Monica will approve.

The plot takes up from exactly the point where it left of in the part-1. The expected cast reprise their respective characters in the sequel. About 90% of the story is in the flashback so Devasena (Anushka) is shown in her youth. Rest of the characters are differentiated by their facial hair colour from the 1st part. Everyone have black hair, black beard and some of them even black heart. Rana Daggubati have worked super hard on his body to build those muscles which have been given the screen space for the entire 12 seconds of the movie.

The plot is so detail oriented that even a fly cannot get in, editing is very tight. Prabhas dominates the entire screen space in most of the shots and his absence is very strongly felt in the sequences he is absent. Special mention of brilliant acting by industry veterans like Nassar (as the handicapped father) and National Award winner Satyaraj (Katappa of course!) and the large angry eyes of Ramya Krishnan (Rajmata Sivagami devi)

Ok, agreed that this is an era movie but the over the top unbelievable VFX graphics becomes annoying after the 1st few times of – Oh really, he broke that? or Oh really, he jumped that? But overall the cinematic experience is quite good especially if you are watching in 4K Ultra HD enabled theatres. The song Hamsa Naava features a flying ship (this is not a spoiler!) with exceptional cloud swan animations which would easily put pirates of the Caribbean ship graphics to shame. Interesting trivia is that the title song – Saahore Baahubali major portion is sung by Daler Mehndi himself.

Watch the movie for everything – the plot twist, the action, the graphics, the songs and not just to get the answer for that one question that’s haunting you for the last 2 years.

Verdict – Yes! The movie answers the question and its totally worth it.


Author: Monday Verdict

Every week lots and lots of movies are released, some are hits, most are flops but every movie goer have their own taste. I will be reviewing a few selected movies in various languages at my own pace which will give you some clarity if this is your tub of pop-corn.

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