Ae Dil Hai Mushkil


The entire ordeal is 2 hours & 38 minutes long. After a while people feel – ‘theatre mein baitna hai mushkil’ in fact a few patrons got up from their seats thinking the movie is over and sat back realizing it is not, and this happened twice.

Karan Johar is still in the hangover of Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna and completely ruins kuch kuch hota hai in multiple occasions. The storytelling is over the top, the casting is just about ok and I am pretty sure there was no editing done at all.

The only thing holding the movie together is Arijit Singh’s soulful voice, Amitabh bhattacharya for his amazingly deep lyrics and Anushka Sharma for taking the movie forward throughout even when she is off the screen.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan falls face flat in the few screen footages she has been allowed and Fawad Khan Stands out like a sore thumb, rest of the casting is non-existent. The first half is sort of watchable with déjà vu of bachna ae hasino, anjaana-anjaani, & tamasha. The movie goes a steep downhill from the second half, the damage is so much that even a guest appearance from the king khan himself is unable to salvage the wreckage.

But, there is one good news take away – finally after 18 years from release of Kuch Kuch Hota hai finally Karan Johar eats his words and declares – ‘Ladka aur Ladki Dost Ban sakte hain’

Verdict – watch it if you must but you have been warned.



Author: Monday Verdict

Every week lots and lots of movies are released, some are hits, most are flops but every movie goer have their own taste. I will be reviewing a few selected movies in various languages at my own pace which will give you some clarity if this is your tub of pop-corn.

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